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About Me

My Background

Tamara at work using a grinder on piece of jewellery.

I have always had an interest in creating art. My husband introduced me to glass fusing. In 2013, I took my first class with Tanya Viet and learned to create fused glass jewellery. Over the years I have taken classes by renowned instructors Patty Gray and Bob Leatherbarrow. I now work at Stained Glass Stuff, learning new techniques and being a TA for guest instructors, and out of my home studio where I experiment and create my pieces.

My Medium

Pendant with tree on sky and grass background.

I heat art glass in a kiln, mixing a kaleidoscope of colours, with a little bit of paint here and the occasional metal inclusion there. I then properly anneal it to ensure quality and durability. I take great effort to coldwork the pieces into pleasing shapes with a beautiful, clear polish. Others may be sandblasted to a satiny, matte finish. Each piece has its own special character with no two ever being exactly alike.

My Inspiration

Clear vase with blue coral tacked on the outside

Trees, landscapes and birds! 

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